Esports Tournament Problems


  • Mobile Optimized
  • Native Streaming Functionality
  • Native Chat Functionality
  • User Ad Revenue Share
  • high Chargeback Potential
  • Crypto Transactions

Ignite Tournaments ®

  • Mobile Optimized
  • Native Streaming Functionality
  • Native Chat Functionality
  • User Ad Revenue Share
  • low Chargeback Potential
  • Crypto Transactions
Our Solution
Our Solution

Introducing the world’s first play-to-earn mobile esports tournament organization and streaming platform with payouts in crypto and NFTs.

Ignite Tournaments® make it possible for any mobile game to be play-to-earn!

Mobile Optimized

Built and optimized for all mobile devices.

Empowers Gamers

Gives the everyday gamer ability to organize tournaments.

Social Network

Streaming and chat functionality.

Revenue Share

Ad and event revenue share with users and publishers.

Fair Prize Pools

Equitable prize pools made possible by crypto.

Crypto & Fiat Payouts

Users can receive payouts in any crypto or fiat currency.

Powered by Blockchain

Reduces chargeback potential, creates audit trail, increases transparency.

Play to Earn

Users to get paid to play with $TENKA and NFT rewards.

Fast Payouts

Payments to be sent 24/7, globally, within minutes.

Use Cases

$TENKA is a deflationary token native to the $TENKA Network that powers the Ignite Tournaments® platform. $TENKA is used for entry fees, prizes, transaction fees, automated match adjudication, NFT marketplace, and governance.

Council Nominations
Entry Fees
Prize Pools
Transaction Fees
NFT Marketplace
Match Adjudication via Smart Contract
Tenka Token Metrics
1 billion total
Early Strategic Partners3.00%
Ecosystem Rewards30.00%
Ecoystem Development5.00%
Partners and Investors
Yield Guild Games
Ascensive Assets
Mechanism Capital
SkyVision Capital
Eden Holdings
D1 Ventures
Morningstar Ventures
Genblock Capital
Moonboots Capital
Ghaf Capital
Illuvium Exchange