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Ignite Tournaments is where the mobile gaming community keeps coming back online daily to play, win, and repeat.

Make your game a competitive gaming sensation

Once your mobile game gets into Ignite Tournaments, it becomes a new never-ending challenge – a competitive land where everyone wants to enter and fight to conquer it.

That means more volume for your game, multiplied by increased engagement and retention.

Ultimate experience for
you and your players

Ultimate experience for
you and your players

Ultimate experience for you and your players

Ultimate experience for
you and your players

Ultimate experience for you and your players

All-in-one esports tools

Elevate your Game to an Esport

Introduce your game to professional players. Unleash the power of your unique esports experience and give your users the highest level of competitive gaming.

Get on board, we’re about to take off

Get on board, we’re about to take off

From a simple “Yes, I’m in” to a seamless integration with your game — you can integrate on different levels, get partner-only opportunities, and learn how Ignite Tournaments can elevate your game’s success on a massive scale.

Elevate your game to its highest potential

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While there are several tournament platforms on the market, we are purpose-built by a team of discerning gamers who choose the best tournament experience possible. 


Many other tournament platforms require a desktop to use or may not have a streamlined user experience that by definition are not mobile friendly. As a result, mobile gamers often do not have the best experience when organizing tournaments on their phones. 


Ignite Tournaments allows a level of tournament customization not seen on other platforms. Further, users can chat within the app with fellow gamers about anything tournament related.


Additionally, we offer fast payouts to our gamer customers, transparency of payments, have in-built anti-cheat mechanisms, and we maintain consistency in our prize pool distribution policies. 


Because Ignite Tournaments is built with mobile-first in mind, we provide a mobile solution that makes tournament organization and participation more accessible for mobile users.


Essentially, we are creating a far smoother, more equitable end-to-end tournament experience than tournament platforms have ever done before. This will ultimately increase user engagement, satisfaction, and most importantly, retention.

At launch, we will support all the major competitive formats your games offer. And shortly after, many other tournament formats will also be supported. Ignite Tournaments was built by competitive gamers with in-depth understanding of competitive formats.


With Ignite Tournaments, everyone can host tournaments however they desire,  player vs player or team vs team in duel, single elimination, battle royale, and other tournament types in the future releases.


This means that at both the local and large scale spectacle tournaments levels, Ignite Tournaments provides the infrastructure to enable fierce competition. As examples, you can run tournaments as a group of friends while ordering dinner, you can organize a tournament in a college dorm room, and you can also use this software in a stadium with thousands of fans in the audience. 


Each tournament organizer can specify the prize pools by placement (e.g., 1st, 2nd, 3rd place payouts), the tournament format (e.g., duel, single elimination, battle royale,etc). The organizer can also give geolocation limitations for regional or local tournaments. 


Additionally, Ignite Tournaments will work with our B2B partners, sponsors, and external parties to run intermittent tournaments ourselves. These will include additional prize money and special marketing announcements / promotions to further delight your customers.

Your gamers are paid by winning the tournaments in which they participate!


Sponsors will add more money into the prize pots via special sponsored tournaments. Our platform brings sponsors to the table for you. 


And thanks to our fintech partners, payouts on Ignite Tournaments are seamless, fast, and cost optimized. End users will be able to collect on more of the prize pool that they rightfully won. Our goal is to make it so our gamer customers never have to guess on when or if they will get their payouts. 


We also encourage that at strategic times, you as the game publisher act as a sponsor for tournaments as well.

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