Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ For Gamers

We make it simple for you to create, enter, and participate in tournaments! For the winners, the collection of payouts is also easy. See below: 

Participating in a Tournament 

  1. Open up and log into Ignite Tournaments
  2. Browse for an open  game, or enter a code given to you by a tournament organizer
  3. Select the tournament in question; review entry fees, prize pools, rules, other tournament entrants, etc. 
  4. Connect your bank account using our easy-to-use interface
  5. If the tournament requires an entry fee, load up your wallet with funds to be able to gain entrance. If it does not, you will be able to register for the tournament for free.
  6. Enter the heat of battle and compete in the tournament! 
  7. If you win, congratulations! Please collect your prize. If you lose, that’s okay, better luck next time! 


Creating a Tournament

  1. Open up and log into Ignite Tournaments
  2. Go to the Create a Tournament section and choose the game for which you want to host a tournament
  3. Select all the tournament rules, win conditions, and other details you want! 
  4. Specify the prize pools, tournament entry fees, and any other details
  5. Create the tournament 
  6. Choose a public or a private Tournament. Share the tournament with your friends via Tournament ID for a private Tournament,  or make it public  for random players to join! 
  7. As players join and play in the tournament, decide who wins at the end, and who gets to receive the prize money 

Ignite Tournaments supports payouts in over 70 currencies and 15 cryptocurrencies to 175+ countries globally.

You can get paid in cash via bank deposit and cash pickup (500K locations). Soon, we will add other benefits such as prepaid gift cards and debit cards for your winnings. 

Cryptocurrencies that are supported include $USDC, $USDT, $BTC, $ETH, $BUSD, $AVAX, $BCH, $ADA, $DOGE, $LTC, $MATIC, $BSC, $DOT, and $SOL.

To collect your winnings, you will go to your wallet, then navigate to payouts. The first time that you withdraw your winnings, you will undergo a brief personal ID verification process (known as KYC / AML) in order to verify your identity. This involves taking a selfie and uploading a picture of your ID through a third party KYC provider. We don’t ever store your ID info, and it is only used to ensure we pass KYC / AML requirements. 

This is done for security and financial management purposes, and is also a requirement by our banking partners’ regulations. After you complete KYC /AML, you will receive your payout. Payout processing time will vary depending on the type of payout you select. 

You will be expected to KYC / AML only the first time; subsequent winning withdrawals do not require this step any more. 

KYC / AML refers to “know your customer” and “anti-money laundering.” 

Our banking partners require us to know that we know our customers to prevent fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activity. 

Anti-money laundering requirements are a financial regulation requirement which we, and every other company dealing with money, must comply with. 

Establishing a strong KYC / AML policy will also enable us to help you stay safe while you are running tournaments. We have a no tolerance policy toward bad actors, therefore  when a troll is banned, they can’t just create another throwaway account to come back and pester you again.

At launch, we will support 50 games!

Age of Origins: Tower Defense Mafia City
Among Us Mario Kart Tour
Arena of Valor Marvel Contest of Champions
Beatstar Marvel Strike Force
Blaze of Battle Minecraft
BrawlStars Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Call of Duty Mobile Mobile Strike
Clash of Clans Pikmin Bloom
Clash Royale Pokemon Go
Crossfire: Warzone Pokemon Unite
Diablo Immortal PUBG Mobile
Dragon Ball Legends Puzzles and Survival
Evony Rise of Empires: Fire and Ice
Fifa Soccer World Cup 22 Rise of Firstborn
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Rise of Kingdoms
Final Fantasy XV: War on EOS Roblox
Fortnite Star Trek Fleet Command
Game of War State of Survival: Zombie War
Garena Free Fire Stumble Guys
Hearthstone Summoners War: Chronicles
Infinity Kingdom Teamfight Tactics
Last Shelter: Survival The Ants Underground Kingdom
League of Legends Wild Rift Top War
Lords Mobile War and Order
Madden NFL 23 Mobile Football World War Rising

And we are continuously adding more to our tournaments library. If you have a suggestion for which other games you want to see supported, please email us at, submit a ticket on our Zendesk, or connect with our socials below.

We let you enter the heat of battle and get paid faster with the games you already love to play. There are so many benefits to using Ignite Tournaments, but the bottom line is that if you want a seamless tournament experience, fast payouts, and fair and equitable winner selection, we are the platform for you.

Please email us at, submit a ticket on our Zendesk, or connect with our socials below. Our company is run by gamers, so reach out and chat with us! We want to hear from you.

Join our Discord! We have a curated community of gamers all eager to run tournaments together. 

We have a strict no tolerance “three strikes and you’re out” policy against cheaters. We track each and every tournament on our platform. 

Please report the cheater in our app directly. Provide screenshots and other details that may help us investigate. 

We will do everything to make it right.

It’s really quite simple: if we don’t release a fiat product, we won’t be able to provide the tools of tournament organization and streaming to gamers in the United States and China, due to regulatory issues in those countries with web 3 gaming. That seems kind of unfair to those gamers, when our mission is to serve all gamers worldwide. 

Besides the practical reality of being able to make our platform accessible to gamers from the United States and China, we’re also very excited about the prospect of direct integration with game studios and publishers who have not yet transitioned to web 3 gaming.

We have published a Medium article on this topic HERE.

While we plan to initially launch Ignite Tournaments as a web 2.5 product, we still have every intention of releasing a web 3 platform that uses blockchain primitives to improve platform capabilities and experiences in markets where there are no regulatory concerns. 

The web 3 features will be in addition to the web 2.5 features that will initially be released worldwide—which means you as a gamer have the best of both worlds, and can choose what kind of tournament you want to create and/or compete in.

Whether it’s a free, ad-supported tournament, a fiat tournament in your local currency, or a yield farming tournament with NFTs and tokens in the prize pools, you’ll be able to use our platform to create the tournament of your dreams. 

For those gamers who are concerned that our expanding into web 3 means we will somehow become a scam business – we want to directly tell you that goes completely against our ethos. We believe that web 3 is only meant to add additional functionality and financial benefit to the gaming ecosystem. Anything that compromises the web 2 gaming experience will not be built into our web 3 offering. 

We intend to deliver an amazing tournament experience, and without compromising the integrity of what we are building. 

As for crypto payouts, we will be able to offer payouts in $USDC, $USDT, $BTC, $ETH, $BUSD, $AVAX, $BCH, $ADA, $DOGE, $LTC, $MATIC, $BSC, $DOT, and $SOL.

Ignite Tournaments is able to offer cash tournaments in 80% of the world and 40 states in the United States. Our free tournaments are available globally.

The following states in the United States  will not be able to participate in cash-enabled tournaments: 

Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee. Additionally, real prize gameplay is currently not available in Maine and Indiana if playing cards are involved.

The following countries will not be able to participate in cash-enabled tournaments that require entry fees at launch: 

Afghanistan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Colombia, Congo (Democratic Republic), Cote D’Ivoire, Croatia (local name: Hrvatska), Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Greece, Haiti, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran (Islamic Republic Of), Iraq, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, North Korea, North Macedonia, Pakistan, People’s Republic of China, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia (Slovak Republic), Slovenia, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe.

Sponsored Tournament Availability

For our sponsored tournaments with free entry, Ignite Tournaments will be able to offer sponsored tournaments with no entry fees in any country where esports tournaments with sponsored prize pools have previously occurred, assuming the country is not OFAC-sanctioned. 

We are in the process of officially confirming more regions and states. We will keep everyone updated as we continue to work on expanding our sponsorship-enabled regions.  

We are working to launch localized versions of Ignite Tournaments everywhere as soon as possible. To stay up to date with when Ignite Tournaments will become available in your native language, join our waitlist below, follow us on Twitter, join us on Discord, or follow us on Telegram! We will definitely keep you updated.

FAQ For Developers

While there are several tournament platforms on the market, we are purpose-built by a team of discerning gamers who choose the best tournament experience possible. 

Many other tournament platforms require a desktop to use or may not have a streamlined user experience that by definition are not mobile friendly. As a result, mobile gamers often do not have the best experience when organizing tournaments on their phones. 

Ignite Tournaments allows a level of tournament customization not seen on other platforms. Further, users can chat within the app with fellow gamers about anything tournament related.

Additionally, we offer fast payouts to our gamer customers, transparency of payments, have in-built anti-cheat mechanisms, and we maintain consistency in our prize pool distribution policies. 

Because Ignite Tournaments is built with mobile-first in mind, we provide a mobile solution that makes tournament organization and participation more accessible for mobile users.

Essentially, we are creating a far smoother, more equitable end-to-end tournament experience than tournament platforms have ever done before. This will ultimately increase user engagement, satisfaction, and most importantly, retention.

At launch, we will support all the major competitive formats your games offer. And shortly after, many other tournament formats will also be supported. Ignite Tournaments was built by competitive gamers with in-depth understanding of competitive formats.

With Ignite Tournaments, everyone can host tournaments however they desire,  player vs player or team vs team in duel, single elimination, battle royale, and other tournament types in the future releases.

This means that at both the local and large scale spectacle tournaments levels, Ignite Tournaments provides the infrastructure to enable fierce competition. As examples, you can run tournaments as a group of friends while ordering dinner, you can organize a tournament in a college dorm room, and you can also use this software in a stadium with thousands of fans in the audience. 

Each tournament organizer can specify the prize pools by placement (e.g., 1st, 2nd, 3rd place payouts), the tournament format (e.g., duel, single elimination, battle royale,etc). The organizer can also give geolocation limitations for regional or local tournaments. 

Additionally, Ignite Tournaments will work with our B2B partners, sponsors, and external parties to run intermittent tournaments ourselves. These will include additional prize money and special marketing announcements / promotions to further delight your customers.

Your gamers are paid by winning the tournaments in which they participate! 

Sponsors will add more money into the prize pots via special sponsored tournaments. Our platform brings sponsors to the table for you. 

And thanks to our fintech partners, payouts on Ignite Tournaments are seamless, fast, and cost optimized. End users will be able to collect on more of the prize pool that they rightfully won. Our goal is to make it so our gamer customers never have to guess on when or if they will get their payouts. 

We also encourage that at strategic times, you as the game publisher act as a sponsor for tournaments as well.

Absolutely. We always want to contribute to our game partners’ tournaments. Reach out to to chat.

Ignite Tournaments wants your community to have all the tools possible to further connect, create, and compete. Ignite Tournaments can work with your team and develop a comprehensive strategy on how best to accomplish these goals including co-marketing, profit sharing, app integration, and event collaboration. 

We also want to put these tools in the hands of your community to see what they can create and develop on their own. So first, we’d like to make sure your community knows about these tools, and Ignite Tournaments’ existing community of creators and competitors knows about you; let’s make it happen

Ignite Tournaments isn’t just about big prize pools and reaching competitive members of your communities.

With a dynamic and intuitive gaming event structure at your communities fingertips, the possibilities are endless on how to spark those creators, organizers, and fans along with the competitors. 

Whether it’s new in-game items, content releases, upcoming patches, or new launches, Ignite Tournaments can amplify what you and your team have already created and add structured incentives without the need for additional development from your team. 

Ignite Tournaments provides the opportunity to target members of your community to connect, create, and compete even more; let’s get started

For game publishers who partner with Ignite Tournaments, we will open up our marketing and sponsorship channels to facilitate attracting our community members toward your game. Examples of key benefits to game publishers include: 

  • Landing pages for game publishers on the Ignite Tournaments website to increase SEO links
  • On the games listing page, visibility in the “New Games” section to better build awareness of your game
  • Ability to buy ads and sponsored placement to further increase engagement and game downloads
  • Ability to sponsor tournaments
  • Ability to access our existing sponsorships, with prize pool allocation towards your game’s tournaments 
  • Ability to access our brand partners’ ad and social media networks

We also give game developers the ability to sponsor tournaments with both cash and in game prizes, further increasing their brand engagement with gamers on our platform.

The main idea of our platform is to give gamers all the functionality that they need for tournaments, and have it easily available on the app and on the go.

We understand that for competitive mobile games, winning money in a competition would be a very big draw for gamers to continue to play the same game they already love. We provide all the infrastructure and quality of life components to enable this user retention for gamers.

Currently, our gamers can create, organize, and participate in tournaments on the app and chat with each other. In the future, we plan to introduce more social features, e.g., making friends, forming communities, and watching tournament streaming together.

We always welcome feedback from both our users and game developer partners as we continue to add features. So please drop us a line on our socials or through to let us know what’s valuable to you!

Using the Game Partner admin web app, game studios can add their games into Ignite Tournaments and optionally buy placement and/or sponsor tournaments to directly drive app installs and engagement metrics.

We benefit game publishers by both getting more users and via increasing your profitability and extending user base. 

We believe that a strong B2B collaboration strategy across both profit-sharing and user referral is the way to build a sustainable gaming ecosystem for the long run. 

Whatever gaming community you have, we want to grow it with you. We want to drive more spectacle and user retention for you, and we want you as a game studio to earn more for each user running tournaments on our platform. 

Contractually, the above can take many forms. Please reach out to us to chat. 

This means at both the tournament transaction level, and also at the advertising partners level, for our higher tier integrated game partners. 

Our technical sales team can guide you through performing an integration directly with Ignite Tournaments that enables:

  • Direct linking from ignite into your app
  • Direct tournaments creation
  • Stats/gamer info sharing

We have a standard B2B partnering and contracting process to ensure we integrate with our gaming partners in the smoothest way: 

  1. Engage in a letter of interest between both parties
  2. Define the scope and features of the integration, profit-sharing rates, co-marketing efforts, known payouts, known tournament schedules, implementation timelines, development resources, etc., across both the business and engineering teams
  3. Write up and sign contracts codifying the scope of activities above
  4. Implement the above at a cross-departmental level across both parties; track progress via KPIs and interim B2B discussions

We have designed a streamlined process to integrate with you. That said, please be prepared that for the best user experience for our customers, we ask that you involve your marketing, finance, and engineering teams. Factors to be considered may include: 

  • Marketing – Our teams may choose to run multi-channel posts and other coordinated advertisements, bringing in more gamers to your game and onto our platform. Campaigns can be single event or multiple long campaigns to maximize the users’ time playing your game.
  • Finance – We will ensure that the KYC / AML and financial flows at a contractual level are aligned across our and your finance departments. 
  • Engineering – We will align on the scope of data sharing and connectivity via APIs / SDKs to ensure smooth integration between your game and our tournament platform.

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