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    Some games that will be available during the Open Beta are:

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    Ignite Tournaments Open Beta is coming soon!


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    Open Beta Features

    While not all final features will be accessible during the Open Beta Test, there are still numerous things to engage in! Throughout this phase, gamers will have the opportunity to: 

    Test out our tournaments​

    Join competitive tournaments

    Organize tournaments

    Explore the platform offerings

    Win a piece of $10k in cash prizes


    Throughout the Open Beta Test, we highly value your feedback on every feature within our app. At Ignite Tournaments, our mission is to shape our platform based on what gamers want to see, rather than what we think you want. Being a company built by gamers, this principle holds utmost importance to us, as we understand firsthand the significance of this experience.

    About Ignite Tournaments

    Ignite Tournaments is the world’s first mobile esports tournament organization and streaming app to offer cash prizes to 170+ countries in 70 currencies, giving gamers all the tools they need to organize tournaments for any mobile-compatible game. To learn more about Ignite Tournaments, visit our website!

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